Creating Google Web Stories & Its SEO

Creating Web Stories and its SEO

Since Google web story is a new feature of Google it is very normal to have confusion regarding these stories like “How To Create Google Web Stories” or “Google Web Stories SEO” and many others.

Did you know that more than 20 million Web Stories are already on Google and close to100 thousand Web Stories are added daily?

If you want to know what google Web Stories are then you can read this article, anyways today we are going to answer the 6 most commonly asked questions regarding google web stories.

How To Create Google Web Stories On WordPress ?

If you are trying to create Web stories for the first time then you might want some help, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Step 1: Open WordPress and log in to you website.
  • Step 2: On the left hand side select ‘plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’
  • Step 3: Type ‘Google Web Stories’ in the search bar the you will see the Web Stories plugin designed by Google, It’s completely FREE.
  • Step 4: Install this plugin and activate it.
  • Step 5: Go back to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Step 6: On the left hand side you will see ‘Stories’ option.
  • Step 7: Select the ‘Stories’ option and click on ‘Explore Templates’ or ‘Add New’
  • Step 8: Now you can create your own Web Stories.

Google Web Stories SEO ?

Just like you optimize your articles you need to optimize your Web Stories for the Google search engine, the following are ways to optimize your Web Stories so that they could reach much wider audiences.

1. Use Good Story Telling Techniques

One of the most important ways to reach more audiences is using good story telling techniques so that your Web Stories are ‘more interesting’, ‘more useful’ and ‘more engaging’ than others.

You can do this by using the media that Google Web Stories provide to make your stories more appealing to audiences.

As this would raise the quality of your content and Google loves high-quality content, if you want more audiences then working on your storytelling techniques should be your first step towards SEO.

2. Title Of Your Web Stories

Ideally, you want to keep your web Story’s title anywhere between 60-70 characters, So try using your targeted keyword and its small description in your title.

Using the right keyword will help Google to identify your audience and using the right description will help your targeted audiences to know what your story is about.

3. Use More Slides

We all know articles of more than 600 words have higher chances of ranking primarily because of higher audience retention similarly using more than 7 slides in your Web Stories does the same thing.

If your stories are interesting and are of more than 7 slides your audience engagement and retention are gonna go up, which is always good for reaching more audiences.

Google Web Stories Examples ?

Below are some of the examples of Google Web Stories on different topics which might help you to design your own unique Web Stories.

Making Web Stories on evergreen topics like the stock market is great as you will never run out of content, above is a good example of it.

Stories about celebrities are also very interesting as people love to watch their favorite celebs, above is a good example of it.

One of the highly demanded niches is the entertainment niche, you can also make stories on movies and web series, as shown above.

So, those were some of the examples of Google Web Stories from different topics.

Creating Web Stories For Blogger ?

All Web Stories must be AMP which simply means Web Stories should adhere to various AMP specifications.

And when it comes to blogger, blogger does not supports AMP, but there is a solution for Blogger. If you want to create web stories for Blogger you need to create an account on This is an external website that helps to create web stories by using different nice and beautiful templates. You have to link your blogger website to and create web stories.

Web Stories App ?

Google has provided no information regarding Web Stories App, whether they will be launching any application for Web Stories or not, but according to us most probably no application will be launched this year.

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