7 Reasons Why Your Google Web Story Traffic Is Down

If you are searching for optimizing your google web stories then you might already know what a google web story is but in case if you want to know about google web story –

Google Web Stories are short format, full screen, media-rich content that google creators can use to either connect with the audience or to exchange information.More about google web stories.

But in this blog, we will teach you about optimizing your web story so you can generate more organic traffic on your website.

7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Enough Traffic From Google Web Story

Web Story
Web Story

There are some basic SEO techniques that you should keep in mind while making web stories that can affect the optimization strength of a web story.

But today we will discuss some major things that can have a relatively bigger impact on your SEO, and are probably the reason why you’re not getting enough traffic from google web stories.

1. Not paying attention on your Core Web Vitals (CWV).

PSI - Core Web Vitals
PSI – Core Web Vitals

The majority of the people who are not getting enough traffic on their web stories and even on their website have one thing in common – They are failing the Core Web Vitals test.

When it comes to SEO, Core Web Vitals have pretty high importance, if your Website is failing in Core Web Vital Test then fixing it might just to the trick.

You can check the Core Web Vitals of your website from PSI or GTmetrix and if you do fail the test then PSI and GTmetrix will help you to fix them.

2. You’re not using tools like Google Web Stories test tool.

Google Web Stories test tool
Google Web Stories test tool

Using a tool like the google web stories test tool becomes important, especially when you are not getting enough traffic on your web stories, as passing this test means you are fulfilling the basic and minimum requirements of a google web story.

Those minimum requirements include:

  • Being a valid AMP.
  • Having the required metadata.
  • Being served via the AMP cache.

3. Not using the checklist While Making Web Stories.


While making a web story you can see a checklist in the bottom left corner of the screen, that checklist will tell you whether you’re following the best practices of making a google web story or not.

If you are neglecting the checklist and you’re not getting traffic on your web story then you might have just found the solution to your problem.

4. Not Using High Quality Images.

If your images are pixelated and blurry then try using high-quality clear images, as using lower-quality images and videos can ruin the user experience, and that’s the last thing you want if you want to stay in explore page of Google.

So next time you make any web story make sure to use high-quality images and see if that makes a difference in your traffic.

5. Optimizing Images.

As discussed in the previous point using high-quality images is important but making sure that you are compressing the size of the image is equally important as smaller-sized images are easier and quicker to load as compared to bigger-sized images.

Doing so will make sure that your web story loads quickly and we all know that Google’s algorithm loves speed, if you can load quick then you’ll be recommended more.

6. Not Utilizing Heading tags


Just like using heading tags (Title 1, Title 2, Title 3) in articles you should also use heading tags in google web stories as it gives the algorithm more information about which keywords are important and who are your audiences.

Now, while making a google web story you don’t have to utilize all the heading tags but make sure to use at least 2 tags.

7. Make Sure Every Web Story Has a Unique Link

This becomes more important while dealing with web stories because creating similar permalinks can result in canonical URLs, which means only one of your many similar web stories will be indexed, and the rest of your web store will take a lot more time to get indexed.

So next time make sure that you’re creating different permalinks or try to keep your permalinks as less similar as possible.


If you’re not getting enough traffic from the google web story then make sure that your web stories are following all the best practices including the above points.

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