3 Best places To Invest During Inflation


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PUBLISHED: Jun 19, 22

Companies are dealing with supply chain interruptions more than two years into the epidemic, which are harming manufacturing and production deadlines and prices.

Food and gas costs have risen as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the cost of products and services will continue to rise as long as consumer demand exists.

The headline inflation rate in March hit an all-time high of 8.5 percent, the highest 12-month increase in almost four decades. 

 Inflationary pressures are also likely to be a drag on economic development.

With inflation likely to remain high throughout the year, the Federal Reserve is taking a more aggressive approach to tightening monetary policy

by raising interest rates to limit the long-term price rise.

"Inflation is going to happen in the long term," says Grace Yung, board ambassador for the Certified Financial Planning Board and managing director of Houston-based Midtown Financial Group.

Consider investments that gain directly or indirectly from it to reduce the impact. Investors must "create portfolios that exceed inflation," according to Yung.

Here are some effective asset classes that can help with that: – Treasury inflation-protected securities. – Commodities. – Real estate.