5 Stocks to Invest in From the S&P 500 Index: Bear Market


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PUBLISHED: Jun 21, 22

Since the beginning of 2022, Wall Street has been experiencing unprecedented volatility

Inflation is a major source of anxiety for investors. Furthermore, the Fed's uncertainty about the timing and extent of interest rate rises to manage inflation

has injected significant volatility into day-to-day trade.

The major indices' daily movements are bigger than they were during the coronavirus epidemic in February-March 2020

Since March 7, the Nasdaq Composite has been in a bear market. On June 13, the S&P 500 entered a bear market.

The Dow is banging on the same door, and the Russell 2000, a small-cap benchmark, has also entered a bear market.

To date, the majority of the equities have had large price corrections.

Despite this bleak outlook, a few beaten-down S&P 500 companies with a positive Zacks Rank are now accessible

Investing in these stocks should pay off in the future.

1.  Pool Corp. POOL 2. QUALCOMM Inc. QCOM 3. Paycom Software Inc. PAYC 4.  Keysight Technologies Inc. KEYS 5.  NVR Inc. NVR