6 Stocks to Buy Right Now in the Battery Industry


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PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 22

Investors are seeking for methods to profit from the growing popularity of renewable energy.

Due to the huge array of possibilities, the easiest inroad isn't always obvious. A good place to start is with battery supplies. 

Battery technology is employed in a variety of renewable energy applications, including powering electric vehicles (EVs) and storing energy generated by solar and power utilities

The lithium needed to meet expected battery demand is disturbing the mining industry, resulting in a significant supply-demand gap.

These variables come together to make battery stocks ripe for huge growth and high profits.

The following are six of the greatest battery stocks to invest in right now.

– NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE) – Solid Power Inc. (SLDP) – Honeywell International Inc. (HON) – Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) – Freyr Battery SA (FREY) – QuantumScape Corp. (QS)