Facts About Avengers: Endgame

Robert Downey Jr. Was The Only Cast Member Who Read The Full Script For Avengers: Endgame

There Was Originally A Scene Involving 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford As Teenage Morgan, But It Ultimately Got Cut

It Took About 1,400 Visual Effects Artists To Create The Final Battle Sequence In Roughly 16 Weeks

The scenes in the movie trailers were taken from the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Brie Larson, who played the role of Captain Marvel, filmed all her scenes in the movie before the Captain Marvel production started.

The Screenwriters Started Writing Infinity War And Endgame During The Making Of Captain America: Civil War

After Clint's daughter nails a bull’s-eye (and before she’s destined to dust), Clint says “good job, Hawkeye.” In the comics, there is another Hawkeye — a young woman named Kate Bishop.