S&P 500: 9 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy In 2022

What are small caps stock? A small-cap is generally a company with a market capitalization of between $300 million and $2 billion.

Is it good to buy small-cap stocks? Small-cap mutual funds are very risky. If you cannot tolerate seeing negative returns on your investments at certain periods, you should stay away from small-cap funds

When should I buy small-cap stocks? During a recession, small-cap stocks can see larger declines in price, whereas during economic recoveries, they can rise in price more quickly than large-caps

Do small caps do well in inflation? Among the arguments for why small cap stocks may do better than large cap stocks in an inflationary environment is that it may be easier for smaller companies to pivot 

Do small caps outperform large caps over time? Small-cap stocks have historically outperformed their larger counterparts, but investment into this asset class should be approached with caution and suitable risk tolerance.

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