You Missed This In Spider-Man No Way Home

The movie picks up at the very end of "Spider-Man: Far From Home," but this time around, MJ is wearing the broken black dahlia necklace that Peter bought in Venice on their summer trip.

A civilian pointing out that Spider-Man is "just a kid" is a callback to the same line being uttered in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 2."

There's a billboard for "Rogers: The Musical," the fictional Broadway show seen on the Disney+ series "Hawkeye," in Times Square.

Mr. Delmar's deli, which was destroyed in "Homecoming," is now called Delmar's III.

Peter puts on his "I survived my trip to NYC" T-shirt that he wore in "Homecoming."

The same news anchor who's appeared on screens throughout other Marvel projects also shows up in "NWH."

There's also a nod to New Asgard and a potential hint at what fans can expect from "Thor 4: Love and Thunder."

When Peter arrives at school for his first day of senior year, Betty Brant is on the campus reporting for Midtown News and says, "Go get 'em, tiger! Or should I say, spider?"

MJ working as a waitress in "NWH" is reminiscent of the occupation of Dunst's character in Raimi's trilogy.