What Are Google Web Stories?

Like all the other social media platforms where people love to watch stories as it is a very convenient and quick way to get information from your favorite creator, Google has also come up with stories under the name of “Google Web Stories”.

Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories

You can find these stories on your discover page where you’ll get web stories according to your interest, but before that let us learn about Google Web Stories.

What are Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories are short format, full screen, media-rich content that google creators can use to either connect with the audience or to exchange information.

Web stories are fun both for creators and consumers as these are in shorter formats and consumers love to consume short format content.

On the other side for the creators,- since it’s a new feature for google creators, now they can get more audiences for their content and due to its shorter and different than usual formats, web stories are easier and more fun to make.

These are becoming more and more popular every month and people are loving google web stories, on your discover page you can find lt of web stories of your interest, and if you are a creator then these stories are a great way of work on your storytelling skills.

Consumers and creators both are getting benefits from this new feature of Google as consumers now have a wider, better, and more efficient way to get the information.

And creators can have more impressions and better chances of getting traffic than before if they make use of the first-mover advantage using these stories.

Fun Features of Google Web Stories

Stories are a fun, quick, and more creative way of exchanging information while being time-efficient, these are some of the cool features of Google Web Stories:

  1. Quizzes or Polls: Now creators can easily interact with their audiences and understand them better due to this feature and can make content that their audiences want.
  2. Swipe-Up: One of the coolest features of Web Stories is the “swipe-up”-, if any story requires further explanation or a longer format then creators can use the Swipe-Up feature to redirect the audience to the desired place.
  3. Rich Media: These stories provide copyright-free Songs, Videos, Gifs, etc. making web stories more enjoyable to watch and it also helps viewers to connect better with the story.

Creators of every niche can create their stories making Google Web Stories creative and acceptable for all niches.

Some good examples of Google Web Stories

For people who like to invest in the stock market and people who like making content regarding this niche, web stories the great for both, and the above is a good example of it.

Media-rich, information-rich, and of course the swipe-up feature these stories are fun and creative.

Sometimes when people are bored watching movies they like to know about their favorite actors and actresses, Google stories are an enjoyable place to look for it.

whether be an actress or actor, Bollywood or Hollywood people love to watch media rich stories, above is a good example of it.

Watch out for the new movies, who does not like watching movies like avatar, and did you know avatar 2 is coming? how do I know about this? well, web stories!

Google web stories are a very convenient way of being updated with what’s going around you and also about your favorite movies.


Google web stories are a great feature of google that will benefit both consumers and creators and since it is made keeping in mind that today’s audience is interested in shorter content, audiences, and creators are welcoming this new feature.

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